Important Considerations For Training A Goldendoodle Puppy

Goldendoodles are an amazing dog breed. They are highly intelligent and eager to please, which makes them fast learners. Training is rarely a difficult task for Goldendoodle owners if the right methods are employed. For instance, these dogs typically don’t respond well to harshness during the training process; it’s better to be gentle and supportive with them.

Here are some other factors to consider when training Goldendoodles in particular:

Start Training Your Puppy Immediately

Spend as much time with your puppy as possible during the first two to three weeks your puppy is home. Be consistent, patient, praise when appropriate, and be willing-for however long it takes-to invest the time and energy necessary to make this important training time a success. The effort you put forth now will be well worth it for the lifetime of your pup. Buy a crate, and during the first few weeks, keep your puppy in it whenever you are not playing, holding or watching him explore his new surroundings. Spend as much time as you can with your pup, but when you can’t watch him, crating him can prevent mistakes from occurring.

As we’ve established, your training methods are important. But, what’s probably even more crucial is how consistent you are with your training. You need to allocate daily training time with your puppy, even if you are working with a certified dog trainer on particular days of the week. Repetition is the key to success.

What You Should Focus On

Here are some things to keep in mind throughout the training for the best results:

Slowly introduce your puppy to new things, environments and people.
Use positive reinforcement, providing treats and toys.
Avoid fearful situations.
Take things slowly and let your puppy adjust at their own pace.
Avoid pushing your puppy and being forceful and do not let others do so.
Be secure and comforting with your demeanor. Gentle.
Show your puppy you are there to protect and lead them during this period.

The above tips are critical because the things you teach your puppy during the first few months of training will have a lasting impact. These early lessons will determine how they adapt to new surroundings, react to visitors and children and much more, so set a good foundation.

Remember, positive reinforcement and gentle support are the best ways to train your Goldendoodle. Focus on what you want your dog to do rather than the opposite. With your loving guidance, they will become the well-mannered companions you want them to be. See more here:

Take A Positive Approach

Some training methods use punishment, like leash corrections and scolding, to discourage dogs from doing everything except what you want them to do. Other methods cut right to the chase and focus on teaching dogs what you do want them to do. While both tactics can work, the latter is usually the more effective approach, and it’s also much more enjoyable for you and your dog. For example, you can easily use treats, games and praise to teach your dog to sit when people approach during walks in the neighborhood. If your dog is sitting, she won’t be dragging you toward the people, jumping up when they get close enough, mouthing on their arms and legs, and so on.