This site and rescue is dedicated to my late husband George who loved this rescue and all of the "kids". He is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge with all of the "paw prints" that went before him and those that went after.  With all my heart to him and this rescue, Susan
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Many will walk in and out of your life, but only a true friend will leave paw prints on your heart. ~Anonymous


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OUR MISSION as a nonprofit organization made up completely of volunteers, is dedicated to the purposes of rescue and the housing and placement of abused, neglected, or abandoned collies and shelties in permanent homes.  We will work within the guidelines of city, state, and federal laws, along with local law enforcement agencies and humane societies to document and remove animals that are being subject to abuse or neglect.  We will also accept collies and shelties that owners want to find a caring home for or can no longer keep.  We believe that all collies and shelties, regardless of age, temperament, or physical condition deserve a chance to live without abuse of any kind.

OUR PLEDGE is to rehabilitate collies and shelties with health problems, retrain or work with collies or shelties having behavioral problems, and provide shelter, food, and care to these animals until a safe, caring, and lifelong home can be found for them.

OUR PROMISE is to find safe, caring, life-long homes for these collies or shelties, where they can live out their lives without fear of further abuse or neglect.

OUR GOAL is to provide first time, or potential animal owners an educational avenue for all aspects of animal care and ownership, thereby eliminating abuse caused by lack of animal care knowledge.  We will also reach out to educate the community about the problems of abuse, and the suffering the collies and shelties are made to endure.  This organization's goal is to fulfill a need, which in turn will benefit both people, collies and shelties.


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